Seminars and Workshops

Canine Aggression Seminar with Danielle Beck Msc CABC

Canine Aggression Seminar - From Snappy to Happy

Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th September 2017

Time : 9.30am till 4pm

Cost: £80 per person

This is a two day seminar which explains what it's like to live with and rehabilitate an aggressive dog

Presented by

Danielle Beck MSc CABC

Full Member of the APBC

ATBC Registered Clinical Animal Behaviourist

This weekend will cover the following topics;

What is aggression, a look at the labels?

Why do dogs use aggression?

Practical management strategies for both the dog and handler

Practical dog handling strategies

Dealing with the ‘friendly dogs’ when on a walk

The reality of dog fights

Treatments plans

Building a bond of trust

Utilising Self control and frustration tolerance exercises

Utilising positive training to teach alternative behaviours.

The practical use of desensitisation and counter conditioning techniques

Practical tips for safety around children

The big decision - when and if to euthanize

Can aggression be prevented? A look at the influences of genetics, breed and puppy development to prevent aggression

£80 Per Person


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Agility for Pet Dogs with Jane Ardern BSc (Hons) Dip. CABT


First Friday of the Month

9.30am till 11.30am

£30 per handler



A two hour agility workshop for all levels. Limited to 6 dogs and handlers.

We teach you to how to use the equipment correctly and safely as you would if your were competing but the lesson is non competitive and you work at your own pace and ability. Dogs must be over 12 months, you need to have experience in clicker training and have a good level of control and focus off lead to attend.

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Snifftastic Saturdays with Jane Ardern BSc (Hons) Dip.CABT

First Saturday of the Month

9.30am till 11.30am

£30 per handler



Fun Scent work for Pet Dogs. Teach your dog to search for a specific scent. We use Catnip, Sage or Oregano or even Cheese if they dog retreive toys.

The articles are hidden in our search areas , set up for complete beginners, intereadiate and advanced sniffing dogs. you and your dog then have to find them out. It's perfect for relationship building, off lead connection and learning to wait patiently. Although we seem to attract spaniel types to these lessoon its us suitable for any breed.

email to book

Steady Saturdays with Jane Ardern BSc (Hons) Dip.CABT

Last Saturday of the Month

9.30am till 11.30am

£30 per handler



Gundog Training for pet dog, suitable for any age, even puppies. Learn about what your dog was bred to do and have a go. It's great for buidling focus and off lead connection, helping you understand your gundog better and learn to do things together as a team and build on the high level of control and obedience that working gundogs have.


Although we attract gundog types to these lesson we have a lurcher and cockapoo attend too!

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Clicker Addicts with Jane Ardern BSc (Hons) Dip.CABT


13th July , 3rd August, 24th August, 7th September, 21st September, 5th October, 19th October, 2nd November, 16th November, 30th November, 14th December

9.30am till 11.30am

£30 per handler


A workshop for all ages and ability, limited to 6 handlers. If you love clicker training and advanced and complex shaping then this is the workshop for you!! Working on Tricks, Targeting, Balance, Self Awareness, Precision and Complex Shaping. A workshop that develops you as a handler

The behaviours you can teach are your choice working on the skills to train them using the clicker, so this is suitable for anyone working on sports, pet dog training, tricks or support/assistance dog work


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